1949 Mercedes-Benz 170V 4-door

She was a little time worn, a thirteen-year-old black four-door sedan with all the charm a pre-WWII design could muster. But she had many quirks, such as "suicide-style" front doors, a windshield that would crank open from the bottom for ventilation, and little pop-out "semaphores" that emerged from the door posts for turn signals. And the spare tire really lived under the wheel-shaped cover on the back "trunk" that didn't even open for luggage. A Mercedes-Benz for $250 was a great deal for an 18-year-old in 1962. I was living in Gladwyne, an upscale neighborhood outside Philadelphia, and I bought this car from one of my neighbors down the street (Youngsford Road.)

Some of its most interesting features were:

I drove it for about 1 year, added an Abarth sport muffler, but eventually had to sell it because I was unable to locate replacement parts for things that were going wrong.

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